Taelim Design

What is Taelim Design?

Taelim Design is a premium web developer, focusing on creating or re-branding school websites to suit your school’s style. Taelim design is the best web designer your school needs as it has experience in the education sector, therefore it knows what parents and staff are looking for when they visit your website. through the knowledge and experience of taelim design in schools it will promote enrollment through expertise.



Diligent project planning, open communication, and clear milestones and deliverables ensure your project proceeds smoothly to completion. The breadth of expertise means Taelim Design can support you with whatever aspects of school marketing you need.


Our mission is to help you brand and market your school effectively; working in partnership even beyond project completion. Taelim Design is always on hand to help you get the best from your website. We’ll also advise you on other opportunities to project a positive image of your school or college.


Every website and branding project undergoes a process of refinement, from initial design concepts through to delivery. You’re involved throughout. The final product is exactly what you need, and better than you imagined.


Every project starts with a detailed consultation to understand your unique challenges and ambitions. Taelim Design’s experience will identify quickly what appropriate solutions your website needs.


What can Taelim Design do for your school?

We offer:


Bespoke web design complete with your branding


A fully secure site (SSL) with domain and hosting


A website that is responsive across all devices


Customisable functionality to increase revenue

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Do you need help with your website but have no idea where to start? Your website is the key to your school, taelim design helps to ensure that it is as eye-catching and engaging as possible. Complete the contact form to see how Taelim Design can show your school in the best light.